A proprietary method for controlling the explosive energy profile in a borehole.

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Improved Safety

• Product is not sensitized until it is delivered to the blast hole
• Reduces potential for flyrock by placing low density gassed emulsion near the collar and/or areas of low burden
• Improves highwall stability, a result of accurate control of energy at the crest
• Thickened emulsion resists flowing into cracks and voids
• Emulsion densities can be tailored to the hardness of the rock

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Proven Success

Our ΔE technology is unmatched in the industry. Click the link below to see how our customers have reduced powder factors, improved fragmentation, and eliminated NOx all while decreasing costs.

Increased Safety + Increased Productivity + Increased Environmental Safety = Decrease in Operation Costs by 5%-30%

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Increased Productivity

• Matches energy with geologic requirements to break hard rock seams without damaging coal
• Performance isn’t compromised by wet conditions or long sleep times compared to ANFO and HANFO
• Optimizes blast fragmentation for increased productivity, reducing downstream processing costs
• Improves blast hole loading accuracy and maximizes blast energy efficiency
• Optimizes blast fragmentation reducing fines and oversize; blast energy is better distributed
• Reduces wear on loading, hauling, and crushing equipment; fragmentation is more consistent


Hear from our Experts

• Single product for both wet and dry conditions
• Reduces explosives inventory costs and simplifies budgeting
• Eliminates need to ship and store blasting agents at the site
• Blast pattern expansion possible, as a result of higher detonation pressure capabilities in the hole
• Optimizes quantity of product and minimizes overuse of explosives to achieve desired breakage
• Precise energy placement for the application, rock hardness, and blast profile

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Safer Environment

• Minimizes post-blast NOx generation with high performance water resistant emulsion
• Reduces groundwater contamination because thickened emulsion detonates completely



 TITAN 1000 ΔE gassed emulsion

+ TITAN 1000 ΔE bulk truck equipment with ΔE technology

+ DynoLogix control system